Manage your Nest devices with Roost for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Did you pick up a Nest Thermostat over the holiday break?  Or, did you just add a shiny new Nest Protect to pair up with that Nest Thermostat? Now all you need is an application on Windows to manage these devices, right?  Well you are in luck.  Today we are launching Roost.  An application for Windows that allows you to manage your all of your Nest devices in one convenient app.


Roost for Windows Phone

Stay connected on the go with Roost for Windows Phone

download now

Windows Phone Nest Heating

Roost for Windows 8

Manage your Nest devices using your Windows 8 / 8.1 Tablet or PC

download now

Windows 8 Nest Preheating


5 thoughts on “Manage your Nest devices with Roost for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

  1. Is this just a front end onto It seems like it, which creates a few problems. E.g. screens like the schedule and the energy history don’t display correctly (the full length of it isn’t visible). The Home button doesn’t work from time to time and it gets stuck frequently so you have to kill off the app and reload. Didn’t want to leave crappy review because there’s only one on the MS website so far.

    • Hi. Thanks for writing and I appreciate your honesty and feedback. You are correct. This is a wrapper around their site while trying to give a native experience, a hybrid approach. There are some challenges with this approach, however I am doing the best I can to overcome some of them until they (hopefully) approve the use of their API.

      Regarding the home button. You bring up a good point. The home button is meant to return you to the Nest web portal if you manage to journey outside of this subdomain (nest help/support, etc).

      Refresh is meant to reload the site. I agree there are some alignment issues with the Windows Phone versions, most of them are corrected the second time you launch the app. Some are unrecoverable without refresh.
      Refreshing the app returns you to where you were last, rather than a fresh start on Nest’s site. This is the experience they designed for when using their site.

      The reports cannot scroll yet in the Windows Phone versions, though you can in the Windows 8 app. I am looking for a workaround but I think Nest will fix this soon.

      Thanks again for writing. I hope to have more to offer soon. Thank you for your support too. Let me know how I can help.


  2. katie car says:

    i posted a review on the win store indicating as much, but just wondering if there is any chance the app will have live tile support in the future? Would really like this to be able to just glance at my “start” metro screen and know what the temperature is. I would gladly pay for an app with this feature.

    • Hi Katie. That’s our plan! As soon as Nest approves the use of their API we are adding Live Tiles. They are very slow at responding to anything. If I don’t hear back by tomorrow I will open a support ticket. Thanks for writing!

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